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Base Game[]

The Horn of Magnus[]

Smugglers Run[]

Supply and Demand[]

Black Powder[]

The Wizard's Tower[]

Engines of War[]

u/Gospodin Sneg's Finale Holdout[]

Man the Ramparts[]

Garden of Morr[]

Wheat and Chaff[]


Well Watch[]

/u/NostraAbyssi Strat[]
As soon as you can move go forward to the drop down, grab the potion just below it, and go left up the stairs. people who go into the middle tend to get bogged down and miss several items. there's almost always a health item at the top of the stairs but it's sometimes hard to see because it's in a piece of wood. i jump off the ladder and if i'm lucky i'll land on the beams which lets me check that attic. if there's an item up there you may be able to grab it. then i drop down and check the pile of barrels which usually has another health item in (you can't see it because it's completely covered by the barrels).
go through to the first well and go left and up the stairs inside. checking each spot for items and grabbing everything. go right after the library area and check the chest, the drawer (it often has a page), and under the bed which sometimes has health). then go up to the roof and jump across to the attic to see what's there before grabbing anything on the roof (once you go into the attic you have to drop all the way down so if there's nothing there you can jump back to the ammo box). once i've grabbed everything (including have other players get stuff or giving stuff to them so i can grab stuff more efficiently) i drop back down to the first well.
i'll quickly check under the courtyard stairs, the corner next to it, and the stable fence for items and then move back to the well. since the first wave isn't targeting the well you can back into a corner to make it easier.
once the well is up i move right up to the well itself and run in circles around it while pushing and chopping. it's move important to stop the rats from poisoning the well then it is to kill them so push them off if they look like they're trying doing illegal dumping and kill them later. if things get tough drop a fire bomb and don't worry too much about friendly fire. when i run this map i usually use Kruber with a 2h sword and a handgun (for specials and stormvermin) and have both the bomb trinkets. if you have bots (or players) feeding you bombs you don't need to worry about saving them and the gunnery school guide will prevent friendly fire you so you can stand in it and heal or whatever.
as soon as the well is safe i run across the courtyard, next to the stable, to the chest under the building. it usually contains two bombs. along the way i'll check inside the destroyed brick building as items sometimes spawn in the back right corner. after i check the chest i go back and either go over the top of the brick building or squeeze between it and the neighboring building. note that you do have to crouch to go under the diagonal beam but rats have a hard time pathing past the beam. i then check the top of the upper stairs on the left and underneath the overhang next to the stairs as both often have items. then i run up to the well and up the ladder to see what spawned on that porch and then jump down onto the hedge and go up the stairs behind the well to check that top area. by then a wave is coming.
the majority of the waves for the second well will come from the down the stairs and if you stand at the top of the stairs, and a little bit back so the elevation and rats teleporting up the ledges on either side doesn't mwss with you it's pretty easy to handle those rats. someone needs to keep an eye on the left side for specials and occasional waves. additionally waves will sometimes come from the lower steeped roof behind the well and above the stairs or spawn in under the balcony with the ladder.
you can defend the well in the same way.
after the well is clear i then run down the short stairs and too the right to check the chest and attic below. the chest usually has two bombs and there's often an item in between some barrels on the slightly raised part across from it. i then often check the attic, both to get ammo and to see if anything spawned up there (i can't remember if anything other than the ammo box does) and also because it tends to screw the rat pathing up a bit but the jump in can be hard. with that all item spots in the map have been checked and it's back to the first well.
defend the first well by running in circles around it and then run back to the 2nd well.
defend from intermediate wave at 2nd well.
beat rat ogre.
defend 2nd well.
exit wagon ahead.
roll shitty item with something i want on the table.
  • Stormvermin are random but can appear at any wave, as far as i can tell. had one cata run wipe because we got 6-8 of them at the very beginning.
  • Bear in mind that the timer on this map starts as soon as the mission does, rather than when you leave the spawn area.
  • PLEASE, do not ever defend either well by standing up top and spamming ranged attacks like a badass. not only can you get ammo while transitioning waves but with a flatter trajectory from being down below you'll hit more targets with true flight and be able to push rats off the well by using the bow as a stick. also, i will not come get you, or even throw a bomb at you, if you get downed up there.

The Enemy Below[]

The White Rat[]

Last Stand DLC[]

The Fall[]

Town Meeting[]

Drachenfels DLC DLC[]

Castle Drachenfels[]

The Dungeons[]

Summoner's Peak[]

Karak Azgaraz DLC[]

Khazid Kro[]

The Cursed Rune[]

Chain of Fire[]

Stromdorf DLC[]

The Courier[]

Reaching Out[]