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Black Powder
Mission Type:
Side Mission
Ubersreik Act 1
Black Powder


Black Powder is a side mission in the 1st act of the base game. The heroes must gather gunpowder reserves from the underbelly of a dwarven bridge and secure them for the resistance.



The starting area for players to confirm their equipment and prepare for the main event. Proceed forward and left down the steps.

More often than not skaven are hanging about the area. There are two chests that should contain healing supplies, which will be vital to the party if playing at hard difficulty or higher. Once ready, continue to the end of the walkway and drop down the platform

Point of No Return: If you are not in possession of a healing item and one is available from the two chests, make sure to grab it. The only other chance for recovery consumables is given to random chance among the rest of the chests in the underbelly, and having a test of luck is ill advised.

The Underbelly[]

The main event of the mission where just about anything and everything will happen. Up to two barrels of gunpowder will appear and be marked in the area and you will need to retrieve them and deposit them into Olesya's ferry parked on the side of the docks opposite the entrance. At regular intervals, skaven hordes will spawn and attempt to impede your progress.

Warning: Much like the Strohmann Markt event of the Horn of Magnus mission, taking damage while holding a gunpowder barrel will set it alight and cause it to detonate seconds later, making it no longer usable towards the primary objective. If two gunpowder barrels are currently out and the first one explodes, it will not redeploy until the second barrel has either detonated or been loaded successfully onto Olesya's ferry. Also, the detonated gunpowder barrel may not respawn in the spot it was originally retrieved, and may be somewhere else.

Generally after the 2nd to 4th gunpowder barrel collected, a rat ogre will spawn. During combat, maintain an eye on your surroundings and take extra care not to get thrown off platforms for fall damage or be sent flying into the river, resulting in instant death.

If in need of additional healing supplies, chests scattered throughout the map (notably the one in front of Olesya's ferry) may provide one or two for comfort. Ammunition stocks can usually be found on the higher levels of the zone opposite the entrance.

Once 8 gunpowder barrels have been collected onto the ferry, gather all player-controlled heroes aboard and the mission will end.

Tomes and Grimoires[]

Black Powder is a side mission and does not contain any Books.


Dialogue between the heroes gives implications that a hidden treasure is located on this map. Presently, no treasure has been found.

This mission is the first mission and the only mission of base game Act 1 to feature the heroes evacuating by ferry instead of by carriage.