Drakefire Pistols

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The Drakefire Pistols is a ranged weapon used by the Dwarf Ranger in Vermintide.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Drakefire Pistols are similar to the Bright Wizard's staff in many ways. They have a heat bar instead of ammo that you can manually vent (and take damage from if you vent when its too hot or outright explode when you overheat), a projectile primary attack and a charged cone-blast secondary. While they are powerful, the primary attack is fairly inaccurate compared to the primary attacks of the staves.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Drakefire Pistols only exist in rarity of Rare and upwards. It doesn't have any Common and Uncommon Versions.

  • Azril Drakkhar Thrundil
  • Duruk Drakkhar Thrundil Description: A pair of finely tuned Drake Pistols, with mechanisms that are still such a mystery to Imperial engineers they might as well be magic. Bardin vehemently denies said suggestion.
  • Zharrlid

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