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The Glaive is a melee weapon used by the Waywatcher in Vermintide.


Vicious two-handed elven weapon, designed to slice through Skaven in one mighty swing. In the hands of its owner, the Glaive is a force to be reckoned with. Skaven limbs will fly with each strike. It can be found within the "Drachenfels" DLC. "Castle Drachenfels", "The Dungeons" and "Summoner's Peak" will give you a chance to acquire a Glaive at Ranald's Bones. Just use Kerillian's Everbeak Trinket to increase your chances of getting only Waywatcher items.


  • Ranger Glaive
  • Twilight Glaive
  • Blight-splitter Glaive
  • Spirit Cleaver
  • Adraich's Glaive