Vermintide Wiki

Glossary of Terms and Slang[]

2 and 2[]

"Two and two" refers to splitting up the party into two groups of two, typically so that each pair of players is responsible for slaying rats at one end of a tunnel or corridor. Calling for this arrangement explicitly when a horde is incoming avoids having players inefficiently "bounce" back and forth between defending both sides.


Also "Liche", or by its full name "Lichebone", refers to the trinket that reduces the health penalty from taking grimoires. Players may say that they "have anticurse" or ask if you have one, when they join or at the start of a game.


To carry is to be responsible for most of the progress and success in a given mission. To be carried refers to making minimal contributions to the team's progress. An extreme example of carrying occurs when one player single-handedly completes the mission while the others look on from the afterlife (see "clutch").


To clutch is to perform admirably in the face of long odds, normally when you're the last player standing on your team. Similarly, making a very challenging ranged kill (e.g headshotting a packmaster dragging a comrade on cata) can be described as making a "clutch shot". For tips and advice on how to clutch, see "The Art of the Clutch".


An event is a scripted portion of a game level with specific objectives (such as carrying explosive barrels to a target) and often a specific sequence of enemies (such as a horde and then a rat ogre). In referring to maps and strategies, "event" is used as shorthand as in "at the first event, let's not use your strength potion so that we still have it if we get the ogre afterwards".

Full Book Run[]

A full book run is when a team has the shared objective of collecting all the available tomes and grimoires on a given map. This amounts to two grimoires and three tomes on long maps (Such as Horn of Magnus or Khazid Kro), and one grimoire and one or two tomes on short maps (such as Chain of Fire or Summoner's Peak). While full book runs provide a much higher chance to be awarded loot from the high end of the available rewards on a given difficulty, they are also substantially more challenging than run without tomes or grimoires because not only will the grimoires reduce everyone's maximum health, but carrying the books will prevent the heroes from carrying as much health and strength/speed potions in reserve for difficult circumstances. When working your way up the difficulty ladder full book runs can be used as "intermediate" steps between levels. For instance, being able to beat Enemy Below on Nightmare won't adequately prepare you for the level on Cataclysm, but being able to beat it consistently on a full book run means you're significantly closer to your goal.


Combining continuous attacks with periodic dodges to kill rats while avoiding their strikes. See Dodge-dancing for more detailed discussion the Vermintide Long Guide.


Duo refers to playing the game with only one teammate, having killed off two bots at the start of the game either with friendly fire or by using a mod. Duo runs both require and cultivate very close cooperation as well as exceptional individual skills as the two of you will need to handle rats & specials meant for four.


Shorthand for any of the three grades of trinket (Boxes) that provide a chance to duplicate a health item, potion, or bomb when first picked up by the trinket holder. On maps with limited resources (or in the Last Stand game mode), this trinket can greatly increase resources available to the team. On the other hand, the trinket holder must have a chance to pick up every item (before it's been placed in another player's inventory) if it is to be maximally useful.


The last battle of a map, or the event that spawns the last hordes / ogre.

Full book[]

Completing a mission with all available tomes and grimoires in your possession, leading to maximal chances for higher-grade loot.


Shorthand for any of the three grades of trinket (Fishes) that provide a chance to *not* consume a health draught or medpack upon use, effectively duplicating the item in your inventory.


Shorthand for any of the three grades of trinket (Charms) that provide some healing to nearby teammates when you yourself use a healing item. This is perhaps the most essential trinket because it permits an entire team to be brought from "grey" to "red" health with the use of just one health item.


Kiting refers to using constant movement in one direction to both avoid being surrounded by rats and to "collect" most of your enemies in a dense mass behind you. Kiting, especially along a circular route, can allow one player to successfully defend themselves against (and eventually overcome) virtually any amount of enemies and is therefore an essential combat tactic for those attempting true solo missions or trying to clutch for their team.

Kobe or nobe[]

During the "Waterfront" mission, this refers to tossing the explosive barrels down to their target locations and having them "hit" their target without needing to be picked up from the ground and thrown to their final destination. If you are successful in this with all five barrels, you only need to return to the ground floor to exit the area.


Refers to a player bringing a luck trinket for the best chance of getting loot die from chests, players often let others know by stating "I have luck" or "I have stone". Multiple qualities of the trinket exist and only one of them is actually a stone, yet "luckstone" is still a common term for them.


Shorthand for any of three grades of trinket (Bottle of wine) that provide a chance to *not* consume a strength or speed potion upon use, effectively duplicating the item in your inventory.


Shorthand for any of the three grades of trinket (Rack of vials) that apply the strength or speed potion effect to all nearby teammates when you yourself use strength or speed potion. At least one team member should be carrying this trinket, if possible, because it allows for (among other uses) very quick ogre and patrol kills when used with a strength potion and accelerated escapes when used with a speed potion.

Proc %[]

Proc is jargon carried over (largely) from World of Warcraft that describes the chance that an item's potential "Activates on hit/kill/use" effect will occur during play. In Vermintide, these chances are usually explicitly indicated on the item, such as the Regrowth (Charged) trait having 5% chance to return 5 health upon striking a target. The term "Proc" is also used during gameplay to let your teammates know when you've been lucky/unlucky with your weapons and items (e.g. "My potiondupe trinket just procc'd three times in a row!", or "Killing Blow didn't proc for me even once during that entire horde").


Soloing refers most commonly to playing Vermintide by yourself with three bot teammates. It is occasionally also used to describe playing by yourself without any teammates at all, but for this the term "true soloing" is preferred for clarity.


Shorthand for "strategy", here being used to refer to a general plan for surviving a section of a mission or accomplishing an objective. A player might say "Shall we use the bridge strat?" on Engines of War to refer to holding out against the Skaven hordes by retreating to the bridge into town during the map's second event.

True soloing[]

Playing Vermintide by yourself (with no teammates or bots) by starting a mission and then immediately killing off your bots. On Nightmare and Cataclysm this can be achieved with vanilla Vermintide via friendly-fire. To true-solo on Easy, Normal or Hard you'll need to install a mod that provides a command you can enter in the chat bot that will instantly kill all of your bots.

Common Abbreviations[]


  • BW / Wiz = Bright Wizard. Sienna.
  • DR/DW = Dwarf Ranger. Bardin Goreksson.
  • Kruber / Krubsie = Marcus Kruber, the soldier
  • WH = Witch Hunter. Victor Saltzpyre (Saltzbrand in German translation)
  • WW = Kerillian, Waywatcher. But often WW = Wellwatch too

Specials and enemies[]

  • Gas / SS = Gasrat, Globadier
  • Gun / Gatling = Ratling Gunner
  • Hook / Pack = The Packmaster
  • Pat = Stormvermin Patrol
  • Roger / Rogre = Rat Ogre
  • Run / Runner / Assa / Assi = Gutter Runner
  • SV = Stormvermin
  • Sack / Mine = Sackrat

Traits, trinkets and weapons[]

  • 1h = One-handed, like 1h Mace
  • 2h = Two-handed, like the 2h Hammer
  • Aimbolt = Boltstaff
  • Backstab = Backstabbery, the trait (never saw BS used for it anywhere)
  • Beam = Beamstaff
  • Beamblast = The technique of rightclick into leftclick with Beamstaff
  • BoP / BOP = Brace of Pistols
  • BL = Bloodlust
  • Conflag / Cornflake = Conflagration Staff
  • DB = Devastating Blow
  • DD = Dual Daggers
  • DS = Dual Swords
  • Drake / Drakefires = Drakefire Pistols
  • EC = Extra Capacity
  • Firebomb = Incendiary Bomb
  • LMB = Left Mouse Button
  • ERN = Earthing Rune Normal
  • ERC = Earthing Rune Charged
  • Gastrinket = Pouch of Herbs
  • HKB = Heroic Killing Blow
  • HoD = Hail of Doom
  • KB / KBN = Killing Blow Normal
  • Luck = Lucktrinket, to increase the chance of cursed / loot dice.
  • MC = Mastercrafted
  • OB = Off Balance
  • PB = Perfect Balance
  • Reg = Regrowth
  • RMB = Right Mouse Button
  • RP = Repeater Pistol
  • SC = Skullcracker
  • SD / S&D = Sword & Dagger
  • Scav = Scavenger
  • SiN / SIN = Safety in Numbers
  • Stab = Stability
  • STR Pot = Strength Pot
  • SW = Second Wind
  • TF = Trueflight
  • Volley / Volley X-Bow = Volley Crossbow
  • X-Bow = Crossbow


  • BP = Blackpowder
  • CoF = Chain of Fire
  • CR = Cursed Rune
  • EoW = Engines of War
  • GoM / Morr = Garden of Morr
  • KK / Kkro = Khazid Kro
  • LS = Last Stand
  • MtR = Man the Ramparts / Ram the Manparts
  • Smugglers / SR = Smuggler's Run
  • SP = Summoner's Peak
  • TF = The Fall (rarely used because usually TF = Trueflight)
  • TM = Townsmeeting
  • Triple Crown = Man the Ramparts, Waterfront & Smuggler's Run
  • W&C = Wheat & Chaff
  • WF = Waterfront
  • WW = Well Watch, but often WW = Waywatcher too
  • WR = White Rat, also WR = World Record, useful for speedruns

Mechanics, etc.[]

  • 3/2 = 3 Tomes, 2 Grimoirs
  • Cata = Cataclysm
  • DW = Deathwish, a modded difficulty above Cataclysm
  • FOV = Field of View, often set to 90-100
  • FPS = Frames per Second, framerate (different pictures per second)
  • Grim = Grimoire, Grimalackt (Known player)
  • NM = Nightmare
  • QoL = the "quality of life" modkit, headed up by player Grimalackt.