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Disambig.png This article is about Gutter Runners as they appear in Vermintide. For Gutter Runners in Vermintide 2, see Gutter Runner (Vermintide 2).
Gutter Runner Portrait.png

The Gutter Runner is one of the Enemies in Vermintide.


For a Gutter Runner, stealth is everything. Always moving in the shadows, the Gutter Runner wears a black cloak to blend in with the surroundings and makes as little noise as possible. Equipped with Warpstone Rat Claws that glow a sickening shade of green, the Gutter Runner will expertly leap at its enemy, using its weight and momentum to knock the player onto his or her back. Left prone and vulnerable, the Gutter Runner will then proceed to hack into the hero's torso, forcing the rest of the players to rush to the aid of their comrade.

Having undergone gruelling training in their mysterious fighting styles, the Gutter Runner is able to bend and contort its body, making it incredibly nimble and able to move at speeds unachievable by man. While attacking a hero, it will focus all of its attention in killing him or her, but once the other players start attacking it, the Gutter Runner will roll backwards and disappear into a cloud of smoke.


Armoured: No
Poison Resistance: 100
Difficulty Health Pounce Impact Pounced Clawing
Easy 10 4 1
Normal 12 5 1.5
Hard 14 6 2
Nightmare 16 7 2.5
Cataclysm 20 8 5


  • Gutter Runners can leap onto a Hero, disabling him or her and tearing him or her apart with their vicious claws.
  • When interrupted or targeted by range, the Gutter Runner often rolls out of the way, dodging its assailant.
  • If not killed quickly enough, Gutter Runners can escape by throwing a smoke bomb, allowing them to re engage the Heroes later.
  • Gutter Runners move close to the ground on all fours, making them hard to hit.
  • Gutter Runners are incredibly fast and climb up obstacles much quicker than their brethren.


  • The presence of a Gutter Runner is signaled by its sinister whispering and the sound of its smoke bomb.
  • It is imperative to kill them as quickly as possible with a ranged weapon once they are spotted.
  • Stay together so you can immediately help your teammate when he is attacked by the Gutter Runner, being alone will mean your death.
  • Kill them quickly or they will return to harass you again and again.
  • A Gutter Runner's pounce can be evaded by dodging to the side with good timing, although this obviously requires seeing the Gutter Runner first.