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Head Gear (or Hat) is an item used by all classes in Vermintide. It has no gameplay effects, being mere aesthetic additions. Hats come in three rarities: orange, red, and purple. Purple hats are given as rewards for events or giveaways and cannot be salvaged. Orange and Red hats are received via Ranald's Bones at the end of a mission, or from the Quests and Contracts board.

Images of Head Gear[]

List of all Head Gear[]

This list may contain some hats which are not yet available.

Witch Hunter
Clay Pipe Hat Default
Purifying Light Collector's Edition
Sonnstill Chaplet Summer Event
Mondstille Hat Winter Event
Crimson Bolide
Kaslain's Seal
The Trials
Altdorf Bicorne
Athwart Bicorne
Comet Capotain
Cult of Sigmar
Hexenstag Tricorne
Reikwald Hat
Vermillion Tidings
Waywatcher Hood Default
Tal Amere Crown Collector's Edition
Orion's Coronet Summer Event
Mondstille Hood Winter Event
The Outsider Humble Bundle
Arranoc Horns
Wild Rider Antlers
Dewgrass Hood
Great Season Mask
Horns of Drakira
Mask of the Sentinel
Moon Maiden Mask
Wild Heath Hood
Worldroot Hood
The Pale Queen
Dwarf Ranger
Ald Karaki Default
Dal Grimazul Collector's Edition
Skarrenruf Strol Summer Event
Mondstille Ghalklad Winter Event
Rilar Ghalklad Steam Group Reward
Zaladrin Ghalklad Twitch Giveaway
Jifful Dok
Nuf Boga
Galar Konk
Gromthi Rhinn
Karak Vlag Grimazul
Norgrimli Ghalklad
Ziflin Ghalklad
Drakk Goruz
Bright Wizard
Bright College Battle Guard Default
Candlelight Guard Collector's Edition
Iron Wreath Summer Event
Mondstille Guard Winter Event
Pyrokinesia Humble Bundle
Red Wind Halo
Thalfang Brazier
Crown of Cremation
Fangs of the Hydra
Fiery Justice
Flammenmauer Guard
Gates of Fulmination
The Ossuary
Empire Soldier
Old Companion Default
Ironside Helmet Collector's Edition
Rhya's Garland Summer Event
Mondstille Helmet Winter Event
Egret Plume Cavalier Steam Group Reward
Homeward Twitch Giveaway
Lost Legion Morion
Ward of Manann
Black Guard
Blucher's Helmet
Bögenhafen Bonnet
Death's Head
Talabheim Cavalier
Wurzen Outrider