Hexentag Tricorne

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Hexentag Tricorne is an exotic head gear for the Witch Hunter.

Description[edit | edit source]

Hexentag is the last day of the year in the imperial Calendar, and greatly feared by the citizens of the Empire. People flock to shrines and temples to pray for protection against the horros of the Witching Night. Priests of Morr conduct solemn rites in their gardens and endure a a night time vigil to ensure that the dead remain still. Victor Saltzpyre always spends Hexentag preparing and planning his work for the coming Witching Night. His activities typically include the subjugation of cultist who gather in numbers for unholy rituals, having carefully staked them out in advance, and the destruction of any undead slipping through the patrols of the priests of Morr.

Hexentag Tricorne