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Man the Ramparts
Mission Type:
Side Mission
Ubersreik Act 2
Man the Ramparts


Man the Ramparts is a side mission in the 2nd act of the base game. The heroes must destroy a magical bell that would spread madness when activated by the Skaven. The bell is destroyed by breaking its four support chains. After destroying the bell a large door opens, leading to an escape.

Tomes and Grimoires[]

Man the Ramparts is a side mission and does not contain any Books.


A common route at the event is left and down to destroy the chain there, and resupply on healing items. Then run towards the right side and up the incline, through the barricade, and destroy the chain you find there. Climb the ladder and cross the parapets to destroy the third chain. Walk through the hallway past the balcony overlooking the bell, then check the small room there for a chest. Afterwards, go back to the hallway and progress to the final chain. Destroy it, fight the horde, and then head through the large door which should now be open. There may be special skaven waiting here, so be alert. Travel down the stairs and enter the wagon.


  • Remember to open every chest. There are 5 chests in total. This gives you a good chance of receiving at least one Cursed Die, especially if you use a Luck Stone.
  • When a chain's HP is at about 75%, a horde is activated. Be sure not to rush ahead and start hitting it if your team isn't ready. Going too fast or splitting up may result in being overwhelmed.
  • This is an exceptionally Stormvermin-heavy map. It can be useful to have one or two players specialize in high-damage, one-target weapons (e.g. 1h axe, glaive, crossbows, trueflight bow, handguns, bolt staff) to ensure that the Stormvermin can be killed quickly.
  • Many of the Stormvermin can be sniped from the vantage points throughout the map. The huge pack of Stormvermin can be very difficult to fight in melee- try to take out most of them with your ranged weapons before jumping down. Some can even be taken out from behind walls using Trueflight Bow or Bolt Staff.
  • The ammo box off the right stairs before the event is always there, take advantage of this before entering if you use your ranged weapon frequently. Often you can find a Lore Page or a healing item.


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