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Disambig.png This article is about Poison Wind Globadiers as they appear in Vermintide. For Globadiers in Vermintide 2, see Poison Wind Globadier (Vermintide 2).
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The Poison Wind Globadier is one of the special Skaven you can encounter in Vermintide.


These Skaven wear their signature robes and gas masks while carrying a heavy re-breathing apparatus. The Poison Wind Globadiers have actually strapped a ticking time bomb on their backs, since the container is filled with highly combustible warp-gas. These hired elite soldiers can be heard from quite a distance, clanking and wheezing their way into battle, whilst preparing their globes with deadly green gas to be flung at their enemy. Upon impact, the globe shatters and spreads the toxic fumes, dazing and damaging any who might be caught in the resulting cloud. Life is cheap in the eyes of the Skaven, and the Globadier does not care if Clanrats are caught within the cloud along with the targeted enemy.

If the heroes manage to cause heavy damage to the Globadier, it will go into a frenzy as its apparatus has been breached and becomes unstable. The Globadier will then charge the players in a suicidal attempt to take them out. If they don't manage to kill it in time, the Globadier and its equipment will explode in their midst.


Armoured: No
Poison Resistance: 100
Difficulty Health Globe Explosion Globe Gas Suicide Run Explosion Suicide Run Gas
Easy 12 0 2 10 2
Normal 16 0 4 15 4
Hard 20 5 6 20 6
Nightmare 20 10 8 25 8
Cataclysm 20 10 15 40 10


  • Throws bombs that blanket a small area in green poisonous gas.
  • When near death, a Globadier will charge at you and blow itself up, releasing a cloud of poisonous gas.


  • The presence of a Globarier is signalled by the sound of their breathing apparatus.
  • The Globadier's strength is its range, so have your own ranged weapons well-stocked with ammo.
  • AVOID THE GAS! A well thrown gas bomb can be fatal to a closely grouped party of Heroes.
  • If split up by the gas, work as a team, keep an eye out for each other and communicate, lest one of the Heroes gets picked off in the ensuing chaos.
  • The Globadier does not care for his fellow Skaven, its gas is as dangerous to the Ratmen as much as it is to you. Use this to your advantage by pushing or luring Skaven into the poison cloud.
  • When the Globadier is charging, make it your priority target to prevent it from exploding near your team.
  • At close range, the Globadier will often flee rather than throw poison globes. Charging him aggressively to prevent him from throwing globes can be a good strategy, but be careful not to lose track of other enemies lurking around.