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The Red Moon Inn is one of the last remaining safe havens in Ubersreik and home to The Inn Keeper Franz Lohner.


The Heroes who have their own personally customized rooms are in the inn when they are getting ready for their next battle. In the inn the heroes can select their missions, choose their inventory, and forge new powerful weapons.


The Red Moon Inn gets redecorated on various occasions.


Spooky seasonal Red Moon Inn theme.


It's that time of the year, the temperature is on the turn, and our dear Franz Lohner has been busy sprucing up the Red Moon Inn for the occasion (where does he find the time?)!

Not only that, playing during this time will reward you with a new seasonal trinket - so be sure to log in and claim that before the event ends!

Whatever the weather where you are, why not join us in Ubersreik - it might be the End Times, but Spring is just beginning for the heroes!


It's that time of the year again.

Summer is in full swing on the Swedish side of the real world, and to celebrate we're injecting a little seasonal style in to our slice of the Warhammer world!

Skulls for the Skull Throne[]