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Shrine of Solace[]

The Shrine of Solace is a facility in the Red Moon Inn where players can spend Tokens to pray and receive random weapons for a specific hero, optionally restricted to either melee or ranged weapons for a higher cost. Players can also make an offering to re-roll their Weapon Traits, or invocate a chosen weapon with enhanced Weapon Traits.



The player can use the Pray feature to generate a random, ranged, or melee weapon in the Rarity and Class of their choice using tokens. Generating a Random item costs less tokens than choosing the Ranged or Melee category. Insert your Class Token (Purple) to choose which character the item created will be made for. Your class token will not be consumed/destroyed in the process.

The weapon that is generated will be of the same rarity color as the color of Tokens paid.



The player can submit an Offering of tokens to re-roll the Weapon Traits on their weapon. You get to choose whether to keep your current Weapon Traits, or accept the new traits.

Note that accepting the new Traits will require them to be unlocked (via the Upgrade Tab at the Forge).

The Token cost is consumed regardless of whether new or old Trait set is selected.

The tokens required to Offer will be of the same color as the rarity of the weapon you wish to change.

Note that Veteran quality (Red) weapons are a special case. Each Red weapon has only two possible fixed sets of Traits, and you can swap between these two sets using the Offer Tab at 0 cost. As before, changing Traits will always require the new Traits to be unlocked using the Upgrade Tab at the Forge.



You can enhance the rolled %'s on your weapon Traits on the Invocate tab. If the weapon has multiple Traits with variable % chance, you must select which Trait you wish to improve. An attempt to invocate will roll another % within the possible range of values, at random. If the newly rolled value higher, it will automatically keep the new value; if a lower value is rolled, it will automatically have no effect (although the Token cost is still consumed).

The tokens required will be of the same color as the rarity of the weapon you wish to change.