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Summoner's Peak
Mission Type:
Side Mission
Summoner's Peak


Summoner's Peak is a mission in the Drachenfels DLC.



What you need: hagsbane, blunderbuss/grudge-raker, fireball/conflagration staff. Without any of these weapons the difficulty scales up exponentially. These CK weapons excel at wiping hordes of rats coming through a choke point at a distance and Summoner's peak is all about rats coming through choke points so these weapons are a must. You only really need 1 player to camp the portals to make things a lot easier, and 2 players with these weapons to make this a cakewalk. Make sure you take scavenger on the ammo based weapons or you'll run out halfway through.

What else you should bring: anti-ogre weapons. You would want to delete the ogre ASAP when it spawns especially for the finale so it doesn't disturb your dedicated portal camping player(s). Volley is the best bet here as if you have a Kruber you'd want him to bring a blunderbuss instead. The hagsbane can help kill the ogre as well, just remember to save enough ammo to keep suppressing the portals.

What is nice to have: anti-SV, CK weapons. If your portal camper is doing a proper job, you should be only facing a handful of rats, but additional CK weapons like drakefires and 2h swords are nice to bring along just in case. The SV wave on the finale might be a bit taxing for players, so a dedicated anti-armour weapon or two like the 2h axe is very helpful.

Strategy: the key to this map is to have 1 or 2 players camp the portals with their ranged CK weapons while rest protect the generator. There isn't really much else to it other than making sure those protecting the generator stay focused on protecting the generator instead of running off to 'help' the portal camper. If there is only 1 portal camper then having another player keep an eye out for him tends to be very helpful, but there must be always at least 2 players protecting the generator. Kill off the ogres that spawn with the dedicated AO if you have, otherwise just have the portal camper ignore the ogre and stay away from him to keep the ogre aggro off him.


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