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This game has so much potential, that I thought I'd start a random discussion. I hope the Devs see this. I noticed that among the ordinary enemies that there are special enemies with special characteristics. Such as Gutter Runner, Gattling Gunner, etc. I would like to suggest new special enemies in addition to what has already been created. Please feel free to call these new enemy types whatever you want.

Special Enemy Type Ideas and what they could do:

-one enemy type that specifically came to mind was a volatile rat. If this vermin is hit by a powerful blow(charged attack) it explodes violently causing damage. Perhaps there could be a special cosmetic that separates this enemies appearance from others, and punishes players who are not paying attention.

-another type would be an enemy with tenacity. If this enemy is hit by a powerful attack the weapon is stuck in the enemy corpse for a short while. While stuck, the hero cannot move or attack. This could give enemy mobs a chance to pick off a trapped hero, who have wandered off from the main group and cannot get support. Or rather than the weapon becoming stuck, the enemy could simply try to hold on to the heroes weapon as it is dying. Just a thought.

-This next enemy is an improvisation of a current enemy the packmaster. When a character dies, they can re-spawn in a distant location from the main group, but they can be rescued eventually. The Jailer would do something similar to the packmaster, but once it drags the hero far enough away, that hero would be imprisoned as if they had respawned. The Jailer can be interrupted of course, but again this is to punish players who stray too far from the main group(most notably, players with superior gear).

- Plague Monks are a Skaven unit from the miniatures game with a distinct appearance and role. In Vermintide, they could be a special unit that can have lightning fast attacks as well as poisoning abilities. I like the idea of punishing players for spamming standard attacks. Maybe a counter mechanic could fit in their combat style.

These are just a few of the enemy ideas that could be implemented in the game. Please feel free to add in suggestions below.