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Trial of the Foolhardy
Mission Type:
Secret Mission
Arrogance Lost
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Trial of the Foolhardy is a hidden mission introduced in the free update 1.9 DLC "Arrogance Lost".

Christoph Engel, the Master Wizard of Ubersreik has hidden a secret in his Tower. The heroes need to complete a series of tasks in order to open a portal that leads to the Trials.

Having completed the puzzle hidden in Wizard's Tower (solutions here and here), the heroes are transported to an alternate version of the Grey Wizard's library. Herein, they must activate a total of four portals, complete objectives within each one, and then withstand a final onslaught of rats in order to complete the level.

Tomes and Grimoires[]

This secret mission does not contain any Tomes or Grimoires.


Trials of the Foolhardy is perhaps the most difficult map in the standard game. It features a double-ogre moment as well as unusually high rat spawn rates and densities. Mercifully, all characters resurrect in one location in the central library, which means that it is quite feasible to attempt and re-attempt difficult portions of the map as long as one player remains to revive their comrades. There is no detailed written guide at this time -- please refer to Youtube videos for the solutions to the individual portal challenges!

Steps to fulfill:

  • Collect all four ingredients for the ritual
  • Find the three keys
  • Break the magic protection seals
  • Find the Crystal Prism
  • Light Candles on Three Places Around the Town