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Trinkets are items in Vermintide which can be equipped by individual characters. They grant various benefits and usually come in different rarities. Each hero has three slots for trinkets in the inventory which are unlocked at certain character levels.

Heroes begin with a single trinket slot. The second trinket slot gets unlocked at level 15 and the third one can be used upon reaching level 30.

All characters can equip all available trinkets but only one trinket of a certain kind can be equipped at the same time by a single character.

Trinkets can be acquired through various ways:

  • Rolling a trinket at Ranald's Bones
  • Doing a Quest from the Quests and Contracts Board
  • Upon starting the game (Character Trinkets / Trickster's Favor)
  • Through special events (e.g. Halloween)
  • Through promotions (Seal of the Three Headed Snake)