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The Two-Handed Hammer (Dwarf Ranger) is a melee weapon type used by the Dwarf Ranger and Empire Soldier in Vermintide.


The slow and powerful two-handed hammer excels at crowd control, knocking hordes of rats off their feet with its fearsome sweeps. It can also be brought down on the heads of troublesome rats with a mighty thwomp.

Dwarf Ranger Variants[]

  • Karaki Grundreugi
  • Karak Vlag Grundreugi
  • Dreng Grundreugi
  • Zanril Grundreugi Description: A hammer of the type issued to the hunters of Unbaraki (Oathbreakers). Bardin refuses to discuss what such work entails, but the hammer itself is of incredible craftsmanship, suggesting that such hunters are well-compensated for their labours.
  • Karak Description: Dwarf humour at its finest, if not its most subtle. Karak is Khazalid for 'the Mountain', and as with its namesake, few who have the Mountain fall on them ever survive to speak of it.

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