Vermintide Wiki

Hello Sandoval -- hoping you can help me over at the Vermintide wiki! I'd e-mail you but the "your email is pulled from Twitch" thingy doesn't seem to be working so I can't verify my address.

I'm working on an extensive "Long Guide" for Vermintide with a bunch of other folks from the /r/vermintide subreddit. I'd like to be able to embed audio files in the wiki pages but it doesn't seem like a usable extension is in effect (correct me if I'm wrong). I see other Gamepedia wikis using the <sm2> extension for this.

There is a community admin for this wiki, ARKKSI or similar, but they appear to be AFK (tried contacting them via their talk page) and haven't edited the wiki in a few months. Do you think you can help me out? If possible I'd like to become an admin so I can keep the wiki responsive, but I'd be happy to just have that extension installed as well. This game's audio is key to high-level play!