Vermintide Wiki

To organize the Vermintide Wiki pages and contents in the wiki, there rules ought be followed by editors and visitor while editing or creating content in the wiki.


  1. Do not post any copyrighted content in the Wiki, without permission.
    1. Posing copyrighted information and art or image without owner permission.
  2. Vandalism, spam and advertising content are not permitted.
    1. Entering unuseful and not helpful content to the wiki.
    2. Blanking pages or moving it or remove information in the wiki without reason.
    3. Linking to personal video without approval or advertising websites or outer topics.
  3. Try to submit the official reference links or files homepage.
  4. Reason must be given to big changes and edits on pages.
    1. Removing information or text on pages them without giving reason.
  5. Sign your posts with ~~~~, only on talk and specific pages.

Instructions of Rules:[]

  • Reasons can be given for edits on Summary box on bottom of page.
  • Personal videos or game-play can be suggest on Talk page.
  • Ask administrators for help in Issues or problems and formatting on Admin noticeboard or specific help on an administrator profile.