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Wheat and Chaff
Mission Type:
Side Mission
Ubersreik Act 2
Wheat and Chaff


Wheat and Chaff is a side mission in the 2nd act of the base game. The heroes gather supplies in form of sacks of grain spread over various locations on the map and deliver them to Oleysa's carriage.

Tomes and Grimoires[]

Wheat and Chaff contains neither tomes nor grimoires.


Wheat & Chaff is a highly non-linear mission (similar to Black Powder) that challenges the heroes to retrieve six sacks of grain (in total) from three locations all roughly equidistant from the cart where they must be dropped off to end the map. There is a guaranteed ogre span at around 2:30 to 4:00 minutes into the map, as well as constant rat and special spawns and several additional scripted rat spawns that are triggered by moving through certain parts of the map.

Because there is no *obvious* best strategy for proceeding through this mission, it is of the utmost importance that the players agree on the order in which the sacks will be collected and the routes that will be taken to and from the sack locations. Failing that, having one player lead the way and the rest simply "stick together" may be enough to maintain team cohesion. Players without advanced skills (such as kiting) that become isolated from the group are likely to get cut off and then overwhelmed by the constant rat spawns.

Sample Strategy[]

One popular way to proceed through the map is to head for the "left farmhouse" area (to the left as you head towards the cart from the mission start), bring the two sacks back to the cart, and then fight the ogre in the relative safety of the open field near the cart. After the ogre, head to the far right of the map, throw down the two sacks in a hayloft, and then proceed via the map's edge to the last two sacks at the edge of a field. Carry the field sacks to the hayloft sacks thrown down previously, and then carry all four sacks back to the cart.


  • At the farmhouse to the left, the upper sack can be snatched through the floor. Saves a bit of time. (credit to u/grimalackt)
  • When fighting rats (and the ogre), you can hop over the little fences found around the map. It takes the rats much longer to clamber over them.
  • Arriving at the cart from the horses-end, you can toss the sacks right into the cart through the front wall. Don't ask how (it's Shadow Magic). (yeah, u/grimalackt)
  • If you pay close attention to the horde calls, you can be very sure of whether you're due for the ogre to show up or not. The ogre's roar is always preceded (by about 1-10 seconds) by a slightly different "horde horn" call. The normal horn is higher and brassier in tone, while the ogre horn is lower. If you want to train your ears to catch the difference, here's the normal horde horn sound followed by the here-comes-the-ogre horde horn sound (also u/grimalackt, and I still marvel that he ever noticed this in the first place):

Gameplay Videos[]

Cataclysm team run from Tirrikface:

Cataclysm Stormvermin Mutation with bonus soundtrack. Respek!